FreeDownload Yoast SEO LatestVersion

FreeDownload Yoast SEO LatestVersion

FreeDownload Yoast SEO LatestVersion

FreeDownload Yoast SEO LatestVersion  is a well known and #1 SEO plugin for WordPress. Yoast SEO is available in 2 versions,  Yoast SEO (Free) and Yoast SEO Premium (Paid). Yoast SEO works perfectly on all types of websites or blogs for SEO.

The nice features of Yoast SEO premium help you to write better quality and fully optimized content for popular search engines like google and bing. The free version of Yoast SEO plugin also has amazing stunning features to increase your website presence in the google search engine, but if you need advanced features like multiple keyword targeting, then you must go for the premium version.

Yoast SEO Premium adds an SEO box just below the post edit page. This Yoast SEO box allows you to edit the post title and description for your blog post. Using Yoast SEO Premium you can show different post titles in search results, then you can do it by using the snippet editor section on Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO Premium also analyzed the webpage content of the post and showed you some recommended steps to maximize the SEO score of that post. With Yoast SEO premium, you don’t need any other plugin to create XML sitemaps; it automatically creates one for you. Yoast SEO Premium plugin knows all the things that SEO plugin is made to do.  Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin helps you to boost the SEO of your website quickly without any hassles.

Important Features of FreeDownload Yoast SEO LatestVersion WordPress SEO Plugin

  1. Social Media Preview: It shows how our post will look like when it is shared on social media sites Facebook and Twitter. You can even upload a different image of your own choice for both social sites. In short, this feature helps you to customize your post share look on social media.
  2. Redirection Manager: Helps in redirecting Old URL to new ones to prevent 404 not found errors.
  3. Internal Linking Suggestion: This shows you the links or posts that are relevant to the current post you’re working on. You don’t need to search your site manually to find related links for interlinking. That saves lots of time.
  4. Multiple Focused Keyword: This allows you to add numerous focused keywords up to 5. So, you can target more users by optimizing your post for multiple related keywords. The free version allows you to add only one focused keyword.
  5. Orphaned Content Filter: Yoast SEO Premium plugin creates another tab called orphaned content in posts page on your WordPress dashboard. In this tab, all posts which never got any links from other blog posts or pages are listed.
  6. Cornerstone Content Filter: It lists your highest-ranking posts or pages that you should keep up-to-date in the cornerstone content tab.

Yoast SEO Premium Changelog:

  • Fixes a bug where existing links were no longer editable with Yoast SEO active.
  • Fixes a bug where the editor wouldn’t remember rel values set on a link after the refresh.
  • Adds a fix for French nouns ending in -ition and -itions (e.g., suppositionsuppositions) so that they can be recognized and matched with the corresponding verb and/or adjective (e.g., supposer).
  • Improves recognition of first-person plural verb forms in French.
  • Adds keyphrase recognition for infinitives in Russian on ть (атьятьеть) and improves recognition of perfective infinitives in Russian on уть (блеснуть).
  • Adds the possibility to add rel keywords nofollow and sponsored to individual links in the block editor for WordPress versions 5.4 and above.
  • Adds word form support for Italian.
  • Improves word form recognition of short French words.
  • Improves the way keyphrases containing words ending in -ent are recognized in the text.
  • It also Includes every other change done in Yoast SEO v14.4.1 free version.

Sales Page of Yoast SEO Premium  – WordPress SEO Plugin

FreeDownload Yoast SEO LatestVersion – #1 WordPress SEO Plugin


Yoast SEO

Download Link Version 15.0:

Download Link Version 14.9:

Download Link Version 14.8.1:

Download Link Version 14.8:

Download Link Version 14.7:

Download Link Version 14.4.1:

Yoast SEO Extensions Free Download

This package includes following extensions for Yoast SEO Premium Plugin:

  1. Local SEO
  2. Video SEO
  3. News SEO
  4. WooCommerce SEO

Download Link 1:   (July Month Updated)

Download Link 2:  (August Month Updated)

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