Free Download AssetCleanUpPro

Free Download Asset CleanUp Pro– Latest Version GPL

Free Download AssetCleanUpPro

Free Download AssetCleanUpPro is a premium page speed booster plugin for WordPress.

AssetCleanUp Pro, not the best caching plugin, but the plugin work with any pure caching WordPress plugin to make your WordPress website very faster. This plugin helps you to reduce HTTP requests by removing unused CSS & JavaScript files from your website pages.

If your website needs good loading speed, then you have to use a caching plugin like WP Rocket with the Asset Clean Pro plugin. It can also work correctly with in-built hosting caching like WPEngine, Kinsta, and many others. It doesn’t conflict with any other performance plugins. AssetCleanUp lite edition with limited features also available for free in WordPress plugin family.

Free Download AssetCleanUpPro can unload useless CSS & JavaScripts from the website all pages, including 404, author, search, date archives, and many other custom pages also. It also gives an option to preload specific files for fast fetching of the most used files. You can also change the location (Head or Body) of JavaScript and CSS files using this plugin. Free Download AssetCleanUpPro also allows using WordPress defer and async attributes for loaded JavaScript files.

The most important thing you don’t need knowledge of any coding language to use this plugin. Overall, the Asset CleanUp Pro plugin cuts the fat out of your website pages for better loading speed and fewer HTTP requests.

Main Features of Asset CleanUp Pro – Free Download AssetCleanUpPro

  • Unload or Manage CSS and JavaScripts files
  • Site-wide unload options
  • Bulk unloads support
  • Manage JS/CSS files directly from front-end
  • Test Mode for debugging
  • Minify and combine loaded JS and CSS files
  • Change the location of JS and CSS files (<Head> or <Body>)
  • Remove RSD, Windows Live Editor, Rest API, etc.
  • Disable XML-RPC protocol
  • Inline CSS and JavaScript files
  • Reduce render-blocking resources by deferring CSS
  • Async and Defer attributes
  • Show the file size of each loaded CSS and JS files
  • Higher page speed score
  • Allows to unload specific plugins

Sales Page of Asset CleanUp Pro  – WordPress Performace Plugin

Don’t just minify & combine CSS/JavaScript files ending up with large, bloated and slow loading pages: Strip the “fat” first and get a faster website

There are often times when you are using a theme and a number of plugins that are enabled and run on the same page. Anyway, we don’t need to use all of the plugins, and to increase the loading speed of the website and make the HTML source code cleaner (convenient for debugging purposes), Free Download AssetCleanUpPro better to stop those styles and scripts from website loading process.

For instance, you might use the AssetCleanUpPro plugin generates contact forms & it loads its assets codes (.CSS and .JS files) on every page of your WordPress website instead of doing it only in the /contact page.

“Free Download AssetCleanUpPro” scans the website pages and detects all the internal code assets that are loaded. All you have to do when editing a page/post is just to select the CSS/JS that is not necessary to load, this way reducing the bloat.

The Asset CleanUp Pro plugin works in combination with a cache plugin called WP Rocket.


  • Decreases the number of HTTP requests loaded and eliminate render-blocking resources (important for faster page load) by unloading useless CSS/JS
  • Preload CSS/JS, Local Fonts & Google Fonts files to instruct the browser to download the chosen assets as soon as possible
  • Minify CSS files (including inline code within STYLE tags)
  • Minify JavaScript files (including inline code within SCRIPT tags)
  • Combine remaining loaded CSS & JavaScript files
  • Inline CSS Files (automatically & by specifying the path to the stylesheets)
  • Defer combined JavaScript files by applying the “defer” attribute to the SCRIPT tags
  • Site-wide removal for Emojis, Dashicons for guest users and Comment Reply if they are not used
  • Reduces the HTML code of the actual page (that’s even better if GZIP compression is enabled)
  • Makes source code easier to scan in case you’re a developer and want to search for something
  • Remove possible conflicts between plugins/theme (e.g. 2 JavaScript files that are loading from different plugins and they interfere one with another)
  • Better performance score if you test your URL on websites such as GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Website Speed Test
  • Google will love your website more as it would be faster and fast page load is nowadays a factor in search ranking
  • Your server access log files (e.g the Apache ones) will be easier to scan and would take less space on your server
  • Combine all Google Font requests into fewer (usually one) requests, saving one round trip to the server for each additional font requested
  • Choose between three methods of delivery: Render-blocking, Asynchronous via Web Font Loader (webfont.js) or Asynchronous by preloading the CSS stylesheet
  • Option to preload Google Font Files from (e.g. ending in .woff2)
  • Apply “font-display” CSS property to all loaded Google Font requests
  • Enable pre-connect resource hint for in case you use Google Fonts; don’t let the browser wait until it fetches the CSS for loading the font files before it begins DNS/TCP/TLS
  • Remove all Google Font requests including link/font preloads, @import/@font-face from CSS files & STYLE tags, resource hints
  • Preload local font files (ending in .woff, .woff2, .ttf, etc.)
  • Apply “font-display” CSS property value to LINK / STYLE tags (Pro version)


  • Really Simple Discovery (RSD) link tag
  • Windows Live Writer link tag
  • REST API link tag
  • Pages/Posts Shortlink tag
  • Post’s Relational Links tag
  • WordPress version meta tag (also good for security reasons)
  • All “generator” meta tags (also good for security reasons)
  • RSS Feed Link Tags (usually they are not needed if your website is not used for blogging purposes)
  • oEmbeds, if you do not need to embed videos (e.g. YouTube), tweets and audios
  • Valid HTML Comments (exceptions from stripping can be added and Internet Explorer conditional comments are preserved)

Every option provided in this plugin can be turned on/off depending on your requirement. The Required Instructions about the steps each of them are provided in the asset cleanup pro plugin’s Settings page.


This is an API service used by WordPress for 3rd party applications, such as mobile apps, communication between blogs and plugins such as Jetpack. If you use or are planning to use a remote system to post content to your website, you can keep this feature enabled (which it is by default). Many users do not use this function at all and if you’re one of them, you can disable it.

The plugin works with WordPress Multisite Network-enabled!

What’s New in Asset CleanUp Pro Changelog

  • Critical CSS can be implemented conditionally via the “wpacu_critical_css” filter.
  • Compatibility with Ronneby Theme: Alter the style/script tag later after plugins such as “Ronneby Core” alter it.
  • Fix: When listing plugins in “Plugins” page and Asset CleanUp Pro is eligible for an update, change the “Update” link and explain to the admin that the page will be reloaded to make sure the connection to the remote server is made and no “Plugin update failed” messages are shown anymore as it happened in some hosting environments.
  • Fix: Prevent any undefined constant “LOGGED_IN_COOKIE” errors.
  • Added new option: Hide “Asset CleanUp Pro” menu from the Dashboard (left sidebar) for any reason.
  • If a script has “children” and it’s about to be a synched or deferred, then a confirmation message about potential issues will show up.
  • If an asset is already minified, then its SHA1 value will be stored in the database for later reference to avoid minifying it (and use extra resources) for comparison in a future minify process.
  • And many other small improvements and bug fixes.

Free Download AssetCleanUpPro Latest Version – Performance Plugin for WordPress

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Download Link Version

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Download Link Version

Note: If the Plugin asks the activation key just enter a Random 32 characters key. (License key: GWP7514519919615182316GFW019823R)

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